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Travel Insurance for a secure a hassle-free traveling

If you are a travel-freak person, and going abroad frequently for business meetings, or any other work then travel insurance is a must for you. Here, at hello policy, you can have all the information for the travel insurance. You will find here the ideal plan, with unbiased comparisons, and the right information about travel insurance.
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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is designed to cover the unforeseen issues of costs and losses incurred during the travel. Whether you are traveling internationally or domestically, it covers both cases. Travel insurance works as your safeguard while you plan your travel whether for leisure or business. It helps you to avoid unforeseen conditions like:

  • Flight delay
  • Loss of baggage
  • Loss of passport
  • Medical Emergency

A person can buy a single trip policy as well as multi-trip policy as per his/her convenience and depending upon how frequently he or she travels.

Travel Insurance Plans:

Hello Policy has the multiple insurance plans as per the needs of customers, Have a look below:

International Travel Insurance Plan: Every international destination has different requirements, so this particular travel insurance provides the best offers to travelers as per their requirements. This insurance covers cashless hospitalization, a total loss of checked-in-baggage, etc.

Student Travel Insurance Plan: This special plan for students provides the medical as well as financial support to the students. It would cover the medical emergencies or financial problems that a student might face while studying abroad.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan: Senior citizen travel insurance plan is specially designed for senior citizens for their hassle-free travel. This covers loss of passport, emergency medical cover, pre-existing illness cover, dental treatment, flight cancellation, emergency financial assistance, etc.

Asia Travel Insurance: Asia travel insurance is designed for persons who travel to Asian countries. It offers comprehensive coverage that would cover all the unforeseen losses.

Corporate Travel Insurance Plan: Corporate travel insurance plan is for those employees who travel frequently for their meetings. This plan is made as per the requirements of employees and it covers injuries, loss of baggage, emergency evacuation, etc.

Group Travel Insurance: When you are planning to travel with friends or all family members, then group travel insurance plays the best role. It works for 20 or more people and covers loss of baggage, trip delay or loss of documents, etc.

Benefits of choosing the best Travel Insurance Plan:

The benefits of the best travel insurance plan include the key features of travel insurance, as mentioned below:

Emergency Medical Expenses Coverage: When you are traveling and away from home, then this coverage helps you with any surgical or emergency medical treatment.

Coverage of cancellation of flights: If for any reason a flight got cancelled or then this feature helps you to save a lot of money on cancellation of a flight.

Cashless Hospitalization: With this benefit, anyone can avail of the cashless treatment at the network hospitals anywhere in the globe.

Loss of Passport: If the passport got missed or robbed during the travel, then it provides coverage towards expenses for replacing the original passport.

Features that are included in Travel Insurance:

Type of Travel Insurance Inclusions Exclusions
International Travel Insurance
  • Loss of baggage/documents
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Emergency expenses
  • Hospital Cash Allowance
  • Accidental death
  • Financial emergency assistance
  • Flight curtailment
  • Expenses due to terrorism
  • Expenses due to alcohol/drugs/liquor
  • Pre-existing disease
  • Adventure sports emergency
Student Travel Insurance
  • Dental/Medical Expenses
  • Accidental death/permanent disability
  • Medical Examination
  • Personal liability
  • Loss of passport/checked luggage
  • Loss of passport if not checked
  • Pre-existing diseases
  • Traveling against medical advice
  • Expenses due to AIDS, mental disorder, drug abuse
Family/senior citizen Insurance
  • Dental expenses
  • Loss of baggage/ personal documents
  • Personal liability
  • Cashless hospitalization
  • Civil war/terrorism
  • Expenses due to alcohol/drugs
  • Pre-existing diseases
  • Consequential loss
  • Cosmetic treatment
Schengen Travel Insurance
  • Emergency medical expenses/ medical evacuation/dental expenses
  • Permanent disability/ Accidental death
  • Loss of checked-in-luggage
  • Loss of passport
  • Pre-existing diseases
  • Suicide/mental disorder
  • Cosmetic surgery, eyes treatment
  • Civil war/terrorism expenses
  • Expenses due to alcohol/drugs or liquor

Eligibility Instructions for different Travel Insurance Plans:

International Travel Insurance- This plan provide coverage for 2 adults up to 60 years and 2 children up to 21 years.

Family Travel Insurance- It also provides coverage for 2 adults up to 60 years and 2 children up to 21 years.

Student Travel Insurance- It provides coverage to students age between 16-34/40.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance- Offers coverage to senior citizens aged up to 85 years and they do not need to do the medical tests.

Schengen Travel Insurance- Adults up to 70 years and newborn babies over 90 days.

Things that can affect the cost of Travel Insurance Plans:

There are many factors that can affect the cost of travel insurance plans as these factors are directly related to the cost of travel expenses:

  1. The Country to travel
  2. Pre-existing diseases
  3. Trip duration
  4. Type of Travel Insurance cover
  5. Time sensitivity
  6. Policy maximum

Why you should buy Travel Insurance?

In the current scenario of globalization, anyone needs to go abroad for their business meetings, family functions, or for study purposes. And for having the safe journey the travel insurance is a must. It works as a safeguard and helps for compensation for flight delays, covers the expenses regards to trip termination, medical treatments, and emergencies. They also provide customized travel insurance plans as per the requirement of the person who is traveling. It is also an easy and quick process to buy travel insurance through an online system. So, Do not wait and buy travel insurance through the hassle-free process and become worry-free.

Things to consider while doing a comparison of travel insurance and its importance:

Travel Insurance helps you to face the loss of any big crisis during transit. But one should also do the comparison of travel insurance before buying any particular one. In this way, you would get the best travel insurance plan that would be cost-effective and cover the maximum things such as loss of baggage, trip delays, loss of passport, or personal accident, etc.