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For Starters, we are part of the Manappuram Group. The Manappuram Group one of India’s largest NBFC’s with interests in Gold Loans, Micro Finance, Home finance, Vehicle and Equipment Finance, Project Finance, SME Finance, LAP and School finance has been in Business since 1947. From Life insurance to child plans, Health cover to Retirement Benefits, from a compliant Sales process, policy issuance to servicing claims we have been there with our customers. Through our experience in servicing 1.6 million customers and our strong partnerships with various insurance companies, we ensure smiles of our customer by taking care of every need. Our journey began as Manappuram Financial Services on 17th Oct 2002, as a corporate agent to the then leading private sector Insurance companies. In 2003, it was renamed as Manappuram Insurance agents and broker ltd. The main activities then included representing the products of the manufacturers to the customers. Realizing that the needs of the customers aren’t fulfilled by standard products by the manufacturer, we shifted our focus to representing the customers to the manufacturer and serving the needs of the customers. Thus, in 2006, the company became a licensed Broker with IRDAI and changed its identity to Manappuram Insurance broker pvt. ltd. acting as a link between the manufacturer and customers. Since then our growth has been steady. In 2017, with a change in management and new leadership, we moved our base to Valapad, Kerala and announced the change of identity as Manappuram Insurance broker limited a.k.a MAIBRO. From then we have served the needs of 2 million satisfied customers till date. Our strength has been our presence Pan – India through the branch network of the Manappuram group companies. We source our business mainly through Retail, embedded and the group platforms. We also opened up a customer care contact center at Hyderabad to address the queries, requests and complaints of customers. Today, we are one of the largest distributors in the retail segment and is one of the most sought after partner for various insurance companies.

Now MAIBRO is introducing to its valuable customers


as a one shop stop for quick and cost-effective insurance needs.

MASURAKSHA assures best market price for all insurance products just within few clicks and the eminent support team ensures our customers smiles forever.



To be the Preferred Insurance Partner due to our strong ethics, efficient workforce and unparalleled customer experience



To create awareness about Insurance to the masses and distribute the bene?ts of Risk Management to all

Our Strengths

  • Strong

    We are strong in Retail and Corporate insurance.

  • Qualified

    We are fuelled with Quali?ed and Experienced professionals from insurance ?eld.

  • Expertise

    We have more than 16 years of expertise in insurance retailing.

  • Brand

    We have strong brand name in the country.

Ensuring Smiles

Ensuring Smiles and Bringing Happiness through nation-wide presence, access through all platforms including branches / online / on-air / direct, simplified insurance, quick settlement.

Business Objectives

Our objectives are to enhance the degree of professionalism in the insurance selling interface and to provide risk management and professional consultancy guidance to the customer that helps strengthen our clients' balance sheets thereby fostering higher levels of investor and customer con?dence.

Remembering the Founder




Shri V.C. Padmanabhan was born in the year 1916. In 1949, he established Manappuram in the coastal village of Valapad where people mostly depended on fishing for a livelihood. The firm carried out money lending and pawn broking on a modest scale.

In his own way, Shri V.C. Padmanabhan was a visionary who started his own simple business to disburse small loans to the needy. Those were days when banks were not as numerous as today and documentation requirements prior to loan disbursal were forbidding. The vision and entrepreneurial spirit in Shri Padmanabhan foresaw the need to cater to this segment that needed money for small purposes and did not have the time or the literacy levels to approach banks.

And to this day, the Manappuram story continues to be strongly identified with Valapad, where it functioned for long as a single branch business until his death in 1986. Over the years, Shri Padmanabhan managed the business in a very traditional way, on a tight leash, and never expanding out of Valapad. And yet, it had managed to become a highly successful and greatly trusted name with deep roots in the local community. Shri Padmanabhan earned a reputation for integrity, and Manappuram became known in the Valapad area as a safe-haven for the deposits of the local people, offering higher returns along with assured safety.

True to the stereotype of a conservative banker, Shri Padmanabhan was averse to risks. He ran his business on a capital base of Rs.5 lakhs and had imposed upon himself a voluntary limit of Rs.25 lakhs being the maximum deposits he would accept from the public. Beyond this limit, potential depositors were either turned away or made to wait for their turn in a queue. As and when an existing depositor withdrew his money, Shri Padmanabhan would send out inland letters to the next in line, informing them of the availability of a slot, and grateful depositors would rush in with money, to take advantage of the offer.

And such was the formidable reputation of the firm that even as it remained anchored in Valapad, the deposits came in from around the world, from locals who had moved out of the Valapad area to the Gulf countries and to other parts of India in search of employment, and who continued to carry their trust in the Manappuram name with them. That was how things remained until 1986, when Shri V.C. Padmanabhan passed away.

When his son, Shri V.P. Nandakumar, took over the reins, it was this resolute trust in the Manappuram name—the goodwill that served as the hidden capital of the business—that he was able to leverage. Very early on, he decided to do away with the voluntary limits on deposits and loans and business levels shot up, quickly going over the one crore rupee mark and beyond. However, before long, the limitations of operating under a proprietary concern became clear and he promoted Manappuram Finance Limited in 1992. The company went in early for an IPO in 1995 because the experience of trying to raise funds from the Commercial Banks was to prove frustrating. Even after mortgaging his personal residence, Banks were unwilling to lend him the amounts he was looking for.

However, the financial implications of a public issue were daunting. Those days, the rule was that a company going in for the IPO should have a minimum of Rs.3 crores as paid-up capital and Manappuram Finance, at the time, had about half of that. Shri Nandakumar launched an initiative to collect small retail investments from among the Manappuram customers belonging to the Valapad area who were familiar with the legacy of his father. Once again, it was the trust that people of the area had in the Manappuram name that came to his rescue. The funds were mobilized and the issue went through without a hitch. That was how Manappuram Finance Limited got its start and the rest, as they say, is history.

These days, every year, in the month of June, Manappuram Finance Ltd. commemorates its founder with the “V.C. Padmanabhan Memorial Annual Lecture and Awards for Excellence” instituted in his name.




Mr. V.P. Nandakumar is the MD & CEO of Manappuram Finance Ltd., one of India’s leading NBFCs and the pioneer of the institutionalised model of the gold loans business. Mr. Nandakumar took over the reins of a single branch family business in 1986, and over the next three decades presided over its growth and transformation into a financial sector powerhouse. His vision, values and leadership were instrumental in scripting this story that today touches millions of lives in India.

Manappuram’s origins go back to 1949 when it was founded by the late V.C. Padmanabhan, father of Mr. Nandakumar. In those days, the firm was into money lending, and pawnbroking carried out on a modest scale at Valapad, a backward coastal village in Thrissur district of Kerala. After taking over in 1986 (the year his father expired), Mr. Nandakumar soon set about expanding the business in line with his ambitions and vision.


In 1992, he incorporated Manappuram Finance Ltd., and within three years (in 1995) managed to get the company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Since then, he has led from the front to transform Manappuram Finance Ltd. into a leading NBFC present across India with 4,622 branches in 28 states and UTs, with Assets under management (AUM) of about ?27,600 crore, and a workforce of over 28,000.

In recent years, Mr. Nandakumar has resolutely steered the company’s diversification into microfinance, home loans, vehicle finance, SME and personal lending to reshape the company into a full-spectrum NBFC. Today, about 30 per cent of the company’s total business comes from the non-gold side.

Mr. Nandakumar’s achievements in business have earned him national recognition. On May 26, 2018, a special issue of the Business World magazine profiled him as one among 40 of India’s most valuable CEOs. Besides, Manappuram Finance Ltd. has emerged as one of the leading wealth creators in the Indian stock market. In December 2019, the Economic Times newspaper published the ET500 list of Top Wealth Creators of 2019 with Manappuram Finance Ltd. as the chart topper.

Other than the focus on business, the cause of the wider community is central to his vision. He established the Manappuram Foundation at Valapad in 2009 to drive the corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme of the Manappuram group, even before the Companies Act made it mandatory. Today, the Manappuram Foundation oversees a wide range of projects in education, health care, and overall development of the rural communities.

Mr. V.P. Nandakumar was born in 1954, holds a post-graduate degree in science and additional qualifications in Banking and Foreign Trade. He is a managing committee member of leading trade and industry associations such as FICCI, Assocham and FIDC. In January 2019, he was appointed to the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. In July 2019, he was elected as an International Director of the Association of Lions Clubs International at its Milan (Italy) convention.




She holds a Masters Degree in Science and have more than 15 years of rich experience and in-depth of knowledge in managing the a?airs of NBFCs. She is also serving as Managing Director of Manappuram Nidhi Limited and as Director in Manappuram Chits (India) Limited Manappuram Jewellers Limited, Manappuram Chit Funds Company Private Limited and Manappuram Chits (Andhra) Private Limited.


Non-Executive and Independent Director

Mr. V.R. Ramachandran is an eminent lawyer of Thrissur Bar and is well versed with the provisions of Civil as well as Criminal laws. He has long standing relationship with the Company and has been handling civil/ criminal cases of the company.


Non-Executive Director

Mr. Subrahmanyam Kollimarla holds Bsc Mathematics, Andhra University, An Associate of Institute and Faculty of Acturaies,London.A Fellow of the Institute of Acturaies of India,Mumbai. A Fellow of Insurance Institute of India.

He has vast experience in life insurance business,employee benefits,insurance regulation and supervision.He has contributed a lot in various committees on insurance,pension and tax matters,and actuarial profession.He has traveled a lot attending and speaking in many seminars,conferences,and meets on insurance,employee benefits acturial matters.


Non-Executive and Independent Director

Mr. M.N. Gunavardhanan is a Retd. IAS O?cer. He is a post graduate in MA (English Literature) from Kerala University. He holds bachelor's degree in Law from Kerala University and have also secured PGDM from IIM-BIAS. During his professional career he has served as District collector of Alappuzha, as Director of The Kerala State Co-operative Coir Marketing Federation Ltd.(COIRFED) No. 679, P.B. No. 4618 H.P.

Alappuzha Kerala, India, as Managing Director of Oushadhi, KTDC, and State Co-opreative Bank, as Director and HOD of various depts. like Agricul- ture, Social Welfare, Civil supplies, Employment , Industrial Training health and Aids control society, as Commissioner of Civil supplies, as Secretary to Govt. Irrigation dept, as State Information Commis- sioner and as Past President of Trichur Manage- ment Association.

Change in Directorship

1. Director Mr. B.N. Raveendra Babu resigned on 01st June 2022

2. Director Mr. P.K. Vijayakumar Resigned on 18th August 2020.

Key Management Team

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Mr. Jayaprasad K. J

Chief Executive Officer & Principal Officer

Mr. Jayaprasad is a management professional with over 10 years of progressive work experience. He has completed his Master’s in Business Administration in HRM. He has significant experience in increasing in customer base, using social media and digital marketing platforms to increase business, maximum utilisation of premises by extending working hours based on demand, building healthy relationship with customers, establishing brand for the product and generating more leads using all verticals of business. Mr. Jayaprasad is working as the CEO and Principal officer of the Company since 08th May 2023.

Bhavin Venugopal
Mr. Bhavin Venugopal

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Bhavin Venugopal is a Chartered Accountant with over 11 years of post-qualification experience in finance and accounts, having expertise in fund management, capital resource deployment, and optimizing operational costs. He has pursued Business Analytics Certification from IIM Kozhikode, Business and Finance Modelling Capstone from Wharton University of Pennsylvania and currently pursuing CFO Certification course from IIM Calcutta.

Anjurose Paulson
Mrs. Anjurose Paulson

Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Mrs. Anjurose Paulson is an associate member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). She has been working as the Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of Manappuram Insurance Brokers Limited since 2016. Prior to this she was associated with Manappuram Finance Limited, India’s leading Non-Banking Finance Company as Assistant Company Secretary. She has great exposure in IRDAI Compliance, Secretarial activities and Corporate Dealings of Listed and Non-Listed companies.